Live Photos

Just a few simple effects can make these photos a lot more fun.

GIF of Exploding Fireworks

Deciding between a photo or video? With Live Photos, you can do both. The feature records a short 1.5 second video before and after your shot that you can edit, replay, or share with others.

To see for yourself, open the Camera app, tap the live Photos button Image of Live Photo Icon on your phone, and take a picture. Then, try one of these three different effects to make your image really pop.

The Long Exposure

Long Exposure takes the parts of your Live Photo that are moving and makes them appear blurred or smooth. Use this option to capture the streaks of light during nighttime traffic or water gushing down a waterfall. The dynamic shot will definitely impress your friends.

Image of fountain and moving water to showcase Long Exposure

The Bounce

Watch your live Photos play forward and backward using the Bounce effect. It's great for showing off funny moments of people jumping, dancing, or clinking champagne glasses—all of which will appear like they're literally "bouncing" on the screen.

Animation of a person on a scooter bouncing back and forth on the sidewalk in front of a busy street

The Loop

Like a video that never stops playing, you can make your Live Photos repeat on a constant loop. The feature creates an image similar to a GIF (or animation) and is perfect for capturing a moving subject, especially one coming on- and off-screen.

A never-ending animation of a person riding a scooter in front of a busy street.

Adding these effects is simple. Just open a Live Photo, swipe up, and tap on Loop, Bounce, or Long Exposure. You can also show them off by tapping the Share button .