Why you need to regularly update your software

It may seem inconvenient, but updating the software and apps on all your devices is critical to keeping your personal information safe. Here’s why:

Updating your software

The companies that make your devices are constantly discovering new threats, then releasing updates to make sure you’re protected. By not installing those updates, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to hackers and data thieves who could steal your credit card or social security number, among other things.

To check for software updates, open Settings and tap System updates.

Updating your apps

Developers also release new versions of apps to keep your devices secure. And since some apps have permission to track your location or view your photos, it’s important to update them as soon as possible.

To check for app updates, open the Play Store and tap the Menu icon at the top-left, select My apps & games, and tap Update all.

You can also turn on automatic app updates in the Play Store by tapping the Menu icon > Settings > Auto-update apps.

Backing up your data

If you haven’t updated your phone in awhile, you might want to consider backing up your data before you begin the process. While it’s rare, it is possible that an update can install incorrectly and reset your device.

If you have any questions about updates, call or chat with an expert. We’re here to help.